Thursday, August 7, 2008

X Games Sweet

Last Saturday Luisa and I got the hook up to say the least. My boss Barbara's best friend is the Vp of Marketing for Red Bull North America and got us tickets into the Red Bull executive suite at the Home Depot Center. This is where all the red bull sponsored athletes go when there not competing.

There was free food and an open bar, it was amazing. We got to see some Moto X races and Moto X freestyle.

When I walked in there were some people sitting in the suite already. I though I recognized one of them but I thought there was no way it was him. But Yep, Travis Pastrana was chillin in the suite before heading to one of his comps. I got a picture with him, I kinda felt like a dbag but it was still cool.

So its my second to last day at the Times. It has been a great learning experience and I have met some amazing people. I have no doubt that this helped prepare me for my career and I have made some life long friends here.

I want to thank all of you who have checked out my blog. I know I didn't update it as often as I should of but hey, its been pretty busy here at the Times.

Here we come MN.

God Bless

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JimS said...

And I'm sure there will be more information to add to his blog after last-night's going-away event at The Redwood (Jagermeister shots!) and today's Wii Extravaganza send-off in the main conference room (thank goodness for plasma screens).