Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great summer in the City of Angels!

My time in LA has come to an end but it was simply an amazing experience. The people at the Times were so welcoming and helped me anytime I had questions, well maybe not all the time Luisa.

I want to give a shout out to all the people at the Times who helped me there:
Jim, Barbara, Nina, Luisa, CLO, Cindy, Mantis, The Toe, Ralph, Nick, Lorie, Patrick, Jim F and everyone else there who supported me. So thank you guys so much because without you, my experience would not have been as amazing.

As a going away present from all these wonderful people, they bought me a nintendo Wii so we can connect via the internet and play some Wii games.

I will never forget my time in Los Angeles, I got to do some traveling, some sporting events, some DAMN earthquakes, and some great people who I have made life long friendships with.

I look forward to graduating in December and working in the great city of Duluth.

God Bless


Luisa said...

u are still a jacka$$.

JimS said...

I had to take a vacation right after Malone left. I was distraught without him. Now I'm back and all I see is an empty desk where he used to sit and bother us all day. Seriously... we do miss him. Especially Luisa. We'll have to figure out how to hook up the Wii, log into the internet and try and whoop his ass at tennis. He's a killer. But the Olympics have us inspired.