Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Around the Horn"

Wow it has been awhile since i have updated.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I went to one of the sons of the people im living with's house for fireworks and a pool party.

So I am a big fan of ESPN as many of you know and if you have ever seen the show "around the horn" they have columnists from around the nation talking about current events. Bill Plaschke is a member of this show and works for the LA Times so I asked one of my bosses to set up a meeting with him. I didn't know if he would want to or not or how receptive he would be to the idea. I was very happy when my boss forwarded me this email from him that she received.

"Hey donna...I was an intern once, I know what it's like....I'll be in next wednesday and thursday.....we can have a cup of coffee downstairs if he'd like, around 11 a.m., after my TV show...heck, he can come over and watch me film it if you can spare him from 10 to 11...."

Very nice, so I will be in his studio with him when he films tomorrow's show, which airs in MN at 4:00pm on ESPN. I think I am going to buy his book and have him sign it, I know kinda cheezy but its a good book and it will be cool to have it signed.

Work is very busy, one of the ladies in our office, Cindy, has been out for two days and I have been filling in for her. I know appreciate the work she does more then ever because she works with a program honestly from 1990 and does a lot to make sure the paper runs smoothly. So I am very glad that she will be returning tomorrow and I wont have to do that again.

I will be returning home tomorrow night to MN for my sisters wedding in North Dakota. It will be nice to get a few days off and spend time with my family and girlfriend.

Thank you all for your support and prayers and I look forward to seeing you all when I return for good to MN in early August.

God Bless


Barbara said...

Nuevo, what happened to the Emmy online house ads? Gordon submitted on Monday. Help!

Barbara said...

Nuevo, good news! Lorie said the Emmy banner ad is already done. Stay away from the red eye! Congrats to your sister.

JimS said...

Uh... "buy the book"? Uh... like, I totally got it for you for FREE, dude. Don't worry, we'll treat you right.

And... no mention of bringing in a coffee maker JUST for you. And, uh, it's still got coffee sitting in the pot. Don't worry, I'LL clean it up for you.