Monday, July 14, 2008

Shout Out!

I have to give a shout out to one of the senior art directors in the office, Jim. First off he has a cabin where I vacation every year in MN which is cool, also he kindly enough brought in a coffee maker so I dont have to buy Starbucks everyday. He has helped me out a lot with my Stickell Brochure project and has answered any questions I have. He also turned me on to Dry roasted Edamame, which is delicious, even though is soy beans, which makes TOFU which we all know is gross.

Jim is the kind of Art Director that if you were starting a business you would want him on your team because he has tons of experience and he knows hot to motivate his team.

Thanks Jim


JimS said...

Isn't he just a GREAT guy (even if I do say so myself?)...oh wait. I did just say that myself. Yay me! Thank you, MIke. You're the best Stickell intern we've had this summer.

Luisa said...

K it's my turn to be nice.. Don't freak out..

I heart Jim. Bestest boss evah!

and there it is.

JimS said...

Sniff. I think I'm gonna cry. It's the heartwarming feeling I get from the people here that makes it worth my while to get up every morning. Otherwise, who the hell would want to be in advertising?

Thanks, guys.

Barbara said...

Whoa, no mention that I BROUGHT YOU YOUR TUB-O-DRY ROASTED EDAMANE? My feelings are hurt. Hurt I tell ya!