Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wii would like to Play!

The gang at the Standard Friday Night

This past weekend Maggie came to visit again and we packed a lot into our weekend. We went to Hollywood and the Chinese Theater. Then we took Mulholland Drive to Beverly Hills and tooled around there for awhile looking for houses of Maggie's favorite actress, Jean Harlow. From there we took Sunset boulevard to the Pacific Coast Highway up to Malibu where we had dinner by the beach. It was a long day but a great day.

On Sunday, we went to the Hollywood Bowl for a Feist concert, first of all the venue is amazing and the concert was awesome. The only bad thing is they have a noise curfew at around 10:30 so they have to cut the shows short which is no good. You can bring your own booze and food into the bowl which is great and you can save a lot of money that way.

So we have been saving up for a long time at work for a Wii, and finally on Monday Jim and I went to Best Buy and bought one and aerosmith Guitar Hero. A Wii is definitely my next big purchase because those things are the cat's ass. Wii tennis is my new favorite game and it is so much fun to play.

At work I am hard to work on the Vance Stickell application form and student brochure which I am the editor and designer of. It has been tough getting all of the information from the interns but we are very close o completing both pieces. It is the 20th anniversary of the internship next year so I thought it would be cool to do a piece on one of the first interns from 1989. To say the least, this guy is a baller and has worked for all the big agencies out east. He now owns his own agency, The Republik, and they have some pretty sweet clients like Smirnoff Ice and Nestea. Check out their website for more work,

I only have a few weeks left out here in LA so I am hoping to fit as much into these last weeks as I can. The X games are coming up and The Times has a suite at the Staples Center where they have the Moto X and vert ramp comps. I am trying to convince my boss to hook a brother up with some tickets which would be very nice.

I hope all is well back in MN and thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers.

God Bless

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JimS said...

I might add that we purchased the Wii AFTER we went to a printer to show Mike how the sheet-fed offset process works, proofing a printing job, then to a local restaurant in West Hollywood called Hamburger Mary's. THEN we went shopping. And yes, he's a killer at tennis. On to bowling, Guitar Hero. We WILL find his weakness.