Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life and "Corporate Re-structuring"

I don't know if any of you have ever seen the HBO Miniseries "Band of Brothers" but I was walking to the city council building last night and they were filming something in the front courtyard. I was on the phone but looking in the shoot for someone I recognized and sitting 15 feet away from me was the actor who played Dick Winters in Band of Brothers, Damian Lewis, filming his current TV series "Life". Im a big fan of Band of Brothers so it was cool to see one of the main actors.

I was in San Diego this weekend with my girlfriend Maggie, checking out some Museums and great restaurants. San Diego is a really cool city and I recommend it for a vacation spot.

So on Friday i experienced something that I definitely did not think I would experience while at the Times. We went through a little "Corporate Re-structuring". We have our weekly floor meeting on Friday's and we were on our way to the room when my boss, our Creative Director, Maria, told me I did not have to go and it wasn't for freelancers or interns. It was kinda weird because I have gone to that meeting every week since I have been here.

So when they get back, I learn that 6 people, including Maria, got laid off from the company. It was very interesting the rest of the day seeing them move out their offices and looking at the new organization chart and seeing where everyone now landed in the scheme of things.

It was something I am glad I experienced because it's a reality of the corporate world, but I would not wish it on anyone and I was sad to see everyone go.

God Bless


Kerry Russell said...

I love LIFE, and I love Damian. I'd love to have run into the filming of that. Jealous!

Milla said...

Watching Damian Lewis do Charlie Crews would be a privelege. The man is a Master at what he does.