Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tofu and the Padres

Tuesday night I got to go to the Padres v. Twins game in San Diego. The new pictures should be up in the new slide show thing i added. Great game and beautiful stadium. I cant wait for the Twins new stadium.

I will start the tofu section off by saying that I will never eat Tofu again.

So I brought lettuce to work and we have a salad bar in our cafeteria so I was going to go get some ceasar dressing and chicken and cheese to put on my lettuce. So i get to the chicken and I see there are two different kinds. So i choose the smaller cubed chicken because it looks better and pay and im off to eat my salad. I stop at our refrigerator on the way back up and Graham, one of our copywriters, says "oh you got some tofu," and I said no, of course not just some chicken. I was puzzled as to why he said that because there is no way I would ever get tofu. I start eating my salad and something is definitely wrong here. The chicken was very squishy, wait a wasn't chicken at all. I messed up big time and got tofu.


So needless to say I will be the laughing stock of the office for awhile for my little Tofu experience.

God Bless


Luisa said...
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JimS said...

We're gonna really try to turn him into the stereotypical tree-hugging, bark-eating, earth-shoe-wearing Californian that's hidden inside. He's already munching on dry-roasted edamame. Imagine his surprise when I let him know they are really soy beans...the same as his tofu. We love Mike.

JimS said...
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Luisa said...

"shut up!"

colleenmc said...

I am rolling my chair over and stealing edamame. Thank Jim for reminding me.

"omg. shut? up?"

JimS said...

Yay! The original picture is back up. That's Mike trying to enjoy his delicious tofu salad. Mmmm... mushy soy. Tastes like old walleye.

JimS said...

I just noticed the "comment deleted" on this posting...just so everyone knows: no summer interns were harmed in the making of that comment.