Friday, June 27, 2008

Work Work Work........ and Hollywood

Hello to all,

So I finally got to go check out more of the city on Wednesday. I took a tour with Father John, the priest from our church, through Wilshire Blvd. and Hollywood to Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica. It was really cool to see the Chinese theatre and the handprints in the cement.

Above is the project we have been working for a couple weeks now. We finally got approval to go through with this concept, "Cityscape", and will begin production today and next week. Our interactive people Nick and Lorie did a killer job on this concept and it will be amazing when it is finally up and running in August. The purpose of this site is to create awareness for LA Times events such as Festival of Books and the Envelope Screening Series. I am really excited about this site, unfortunately I will be back in Minnesota when we launch it so that is disappointing but it will still be awesome to see some of my work on the LA Times website.

God Bless

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