Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why did the Chicken cross the road?

And the answer is...........

So I could eat its feet.

Yes that's right, I ate a chicken's foot today. Very weird. A bunch of us went to a Dim Sum restaurant today in Chinatown. The food was great, and then a strange bowl of food was placed on our table. Rico started eating one and they looked very interesting. So i picked it up and was informed that it was a chicken's foot, fried and marinated for our eating pleasure.

I can honestly say it was the strangest feeling thing that I have ever eaten. There is the little digit bones inside the skin and you have to suck the meat off the bones, yeah gross I know.

But hey, at least I tried them.

God Bless


JimS said...

Mike was a trooper. He tried all kinds of new strange food today... some slimy, some questionably meat-like and some just plain sticky. But he did it! Too bad we didn't order one of my favorites... duck feet. Delicious sauce. Another time.

Gayathri suryakanthan said...

im sure you would have had the best time of your life. Should try Ancient Chinese Cuisine sometime